Hamro Passal roughly translates to “Our Shop”, is an social & economic venture of Mani Trust, coined to help the deprived and disadvantaged people of Darjeeling and Kalimpong districts. In this way we aim to uplift and retain the economy of the region.

Hamro Passal has been embarked with the vague understanding of the people of the Hills regarding self sustainable marketing and profitability. As the government of India is working on empowering the women with a priority on their education, food security and nutrition, we have directed our help to implement these policies whilst helping the Self Help Group (SHG) women to have higher savings with their procurement.

With the launch of Hamro Passal we will be also be helping the smallholder producers to ensure fair price through SHG clusters. As COVID-19 has magnified the unfairness to limit women’s opportunities, Hamro Passal will focus on the kick-start of the stagnant SHG activities. While working towards sustainability of SHG’s it will indirectly be a movement on house-house benefits; employment opportunity for the general public; will be work driven for the SHG’s by engaging those sacrificing a day’s work for menial income.

The Project team of Mani Trust has done a field research in Rice and Squash which are our staple food item and have concluded that by the time the raw material reaches the household the rates are almost double the original sale price.

When rice is supplied from the main source at ₹30 there is a chain of middleman who bring the price up to ₹45 at the market price and also with squash the farmers sell them locally at ₹10 which reaches the middleman at Siliguri who supply the same squash with added fare for transportation reaches the Hills at ₹60 market price.

Consequently, we desire to eliminate the chain of middleman which will help to cut down the added expenses and ensure fair trade price to the people of the Hills and also benefit the smaller retailers and farmers. With the transport of raw materials to the various Hamro Passal outlets we will also be receiving locally available goods i.e. fruits & vegetables and other skilled items, from the SHG cluster groups at a fair price. Our initiative will also contribute and help them earn income for the deprived people of the community which will retain the economy of the Hill region and therefore uplift our people.

Expected Outcomes:

HAMRO PASSAL will make the local Self Help Groups self sufficient by revolving their stagnant funds, thereby increasing their business capacity and ultimately their per capita income.

By providing the goods at rates lower than the local market we will significantly lower the monetary pressure of a common man’s pocket.

Mobilisation of locally grown and produced goods will be done by Hamro Passal and will ensure fair price as per the market rates, hence increasing the sale proceeds of the local farmers and producers.

Hamro Passal will provide employment to various grades of skilled and semi skilled workers at the various outlets and warehouses.

Increased savings of the whole region. When people start spending less on their necessities their savings will automatically increase which in turn will raise their standards of living which will eventually result in the holistic socio-economic development of the economy